How to Multithread

HI , i would like the be loged in multpile twitter account at the same time, I have heard it is possible with multithreading but i have no idea how to this
can anybody help me with this

Incorrect forum.

were should I ask, I just need something that, if i open a firefox browser and login in some website and of i open a new browser website and i go to the same website i wil not be logged in the same account automaticly

I think you’d have to use different browsers for each login, assuming that the site allows multiple logins (some don’t). So, use FF to login, then use IE to login. If that doesn’t work, then the site doesn’t allow multiple logins.

I only want use firefox (IE, and Google dont work for this) so is there absolut no other way i can login to multiple account even if I use proxies or something?

You’re looking at the possibility of session variables being tampered with or cookies being tampered with (a second login in same browser will overwrite first login session), and the possibility of the site keeping track of logins (not browser dependent, but a coded security monitoring solution.)

but the only way a website can track somebody is by IP right? so if I use proxies will they not track me from my first login?

No… there are ways to keep track NOT using IP. I don’t know how some sites do it, but they can set a value in a database when a user logs on, remove it when the user logs off or closes the browser, and prevent a second logon if the value is present.

Not to mention, regardless of IP tracking or not, as I stated, earlier, using the same browser twice could result in a second logon overwriting the first logon session.