How to move email accounts tied to domain being transferred

I’m transferring a domain to a new host and need to transfer about 15 email addresses tied to that domain. The new host uses Vdeck and said they couldn’t help with the transfer. Is it possible to make it seamless for the employees with the email accounts? This is new to me so very basic help/instruction is appreciated. Thanks!

Not really since there is going to be a period of time when some go to the old hosting and some to the new and the email account owners are only going to see one or the other.

The best I could come up with the last time I moved a domain between hosting was to redirect the email addresses on the old hosting to email accounts somewhere else that wasn’t being moved so that the emails that went there were at least redirected to somewhere where the owners could access them.

Thank you! In what order should I approach this (transfer domain, set up new email accounts, etc.? How much down time should I expect?

I believe you can use google apps for your emails. So far that is free and that will make your each next movement easy and easy.

What is the difference between Gmail and Google Apps? Should I work in this order:

  1. Set up Google Apps mail accounts
  2. Forward email from to
  3. Initiate domain transfer
  4. Wait
  5. Domain transferred
  6. Set up new accounts at new host
  7. Point them back to

Clearly I’m missing details and possibly not thinking through this correctly, but that’s why I’m here :confused:

Thanks again!

Only one out of place in that order. Number 6 needs to come before number 3.

Apologies for upping an old thread, but I’m currently in the middle of something similar.

With regards to the steps quoted above, I’ve set up the new email at the new host and ready to initiate the domain transfer. However I just want to be absolutely certain that no existing emails will be lost from the old host once it happens. They’re using a pop3 account currently and have their email program settings to never delete email from the server (they just do it manually when they fill their max allocation). Is it worth advising them to backup/archive their current emails or will they remain in the defunct inbox once domain transfer is complete?

First, domain transferring between domain registrars is doing nothing related to hosting. Meanwhile email messages are contained in a hosting account.Then, if you are mentioning to hosting transferring, you would be better to check with your new vendor. Do the old and new accounts use the same control panel? If different, can they support IMAP?