How to move a line?

How to make it so that there are three lines in the menu, where the second p is highlighted in blue, and now there are 4, but there were no changes in the head?

I don’t see a menu there. What am I missing?

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:slight_smile: I didn’t see a menu either?

Are you talking about 3 lines of text in the h2? I don’t see 4 lines of text either?

If you want your heading to break at a certain point then you’d have to force the issue with breaks.


<h2>Strategy. Design<br> Content. Technology<br>Development </h2>

Of course that means it won’t wrap normally so you’d probably need to use white-space:nowrap as well assuming that you always have enough room for three lines.

However I think you may be referring to something else.:slight_smile:

Hello, yes, another one in the

strategy. design content. technologies

that’s what I was talking about, but I solved this problem like this

.main .headder_page .header_page_inner h2{
  display: grid;
grid-template-columns: 600px;
  /* background: blue; */


That looks like a problem to me as you now have to do something else for screens smaller than 600px.

I also notice you are using max-height in places and that is another red flag to watch out for :slight_smile:

I understand it’s better not to use a pixel?

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