How to move a layer by 27px in photoshop

I have been following a tutorial on making a vertical menu and I have duplicated a layer

I need to move this mayer down by 27px but i can’t see anywhere on screen that tells me how many pixels I have moved or even anywhere I can enter some pixels in to move

Can anyone please tell me how to move a layer down by 27px?

Also can I create a rounded rectangle by a specific width and height in pixels? If so, how?

  1. Question re moving by 27px
    Switch to “Move” tool (V)
    Arrows keys - move by 1 px
    Shift+arrow keys - move by 10px

2.Rounded rectangle
Select “Rounded Rectangle Tool” (U + click on the icon)
Pull down the menu located under the arrow icon (after the custom shape icon)
Select “Fixed size” and type in the values, tick “Snap to pixels”
And put your rounded corner rectangle wherever you wish

Open Window > Info. It will open a dialog with basic dimensions and current pixel placement. Note that you may have to edit your preferences to show pixel units instead of inches, cm, mm, etc.