How to monetize small banners?

I’ve got about 4 million per month of small 120x60 and 234x60 banners. These are running on major newspaper websites (above the fold and home page). I’ve been running contextual ads that were paying around $.35 CPM for remnant inventory. But now I have restrictions that don’t allow me to run contextual ads. Traditional display ads have been providing a much lower CPM rate.

Anyone have ideas on how to monetize these small ads? I have no other options to increase the size.

If they are new then it is up to you to convince them of the possibilities of online advertising.

One way would be to guarantee them a certain number of users to their site from the adverts and letting them split payment upfront/arrears. This will move some of the risk in advertising to you, but it is definitely a way to open negotiations.

The position of the banner is upper left area of the content, so it’s a great placement and high quality content. CTR has been very good for the small size too. I’ve had a hard time selling to the local advertisers though. Most of them are new to advertising online.

They are very small ad sizes with the norm becoming much larger these days.
With that many impressions though, you might be able get “sponsorship” buys for the whole month if the ad spaces are prominent.

Have you tried contacting relevant advertisers directly?