How to monetize chatroulette alternative traffic?

Started a chat roulette alternative site, for demonstrative purposes (to showcase script).

Site traffic went up fast (over 30 000 uniques and 300 0000 pageviews per month as listed by google analytics: about 50% organic traffic from google, about 9% facebook traffic).
Traffic continues to increase. Recently we even got spikes of 5000 uniques per day.

Traffic is 32% from US, 15% from UK, 9% from Germany, 5% from Canada and rest in smaller percents from other countries (mainly EU).

With these numbers monetization came to our mind.
How to generate income from this website?

Our first idea was to implement ppv videochat affiliate programs because most of the users are males looking for females for adult conversation.
A system was developed ( display online models from popular performer sites, right into the conversation.

Users click on the ads in high numbers. That’s almost 15% CTR .

This is mainly caused by the in chat contextual ads: people waiting for others to chat with, see live models with pictures inside the chat area. (Model x is online, click to chat in a new page!)

Obtained just a $222 signup on Livejasmin and a $25 signup on Webcams and then nothing for 1 month although traffic was fluent.
Then last days with the traffic spike obtained another 2 signups: $40 on Joyourself and another $25 on Webcams.

Question: What are the best converting performer affiliate programs?
If you’re using these and found certain programs/subprograms (i.e. per sale/signup/trial) to provide higher conversion please specify.

Also your ideas about monetizing this traffic are welcomed.

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