How to monetize a site for my home town?

I live in a small town with the population of about 4,000. They currently do not have a website dedicated to the town at all and I own the .net for the name of my town. The .com is used for a real estate company for a town with the same name in a different state.

What can I do with the name to make a little money with it? I though about an online coupon book for the town but I don’t know. I know I don’t want to start some newspaper type site. I don’t have the time for something like that.

Any ideas?

You can sell your domain name on SitePoint or Flippa. Since it is a .net for a town, it could bring you some good money.

You can make a classified ad site for your town. With a directory to find all local shops, businesses and services.

You could make a local town directory of business and let those businesses advertise on it.

I would create a website and offer ads to the site…