How to modify Jquery plugins

I bought the Sitepoint Fancy Forms book and wish I hadn’t because it raises more questions than it answers. The coding uses Jquery validation which is fine but this is specific to the forms being designed in the book. Is there a way to edit the plugins to suit the fields and comments in my form or do I have to re-write the plugins to suit? I assume the way to do it is to go back to the source code, edit it and then convert it back to a plugin but I don’t know how to get the source code.



The plugins should not normally be edited at all.

You will see from the API documentation for jQuery validation and for the [url=“”]validate options, that it allows for a vast amount of customisation that is built right in to the plugin itself.

open plugin file in some editor, than format code and you will get nice formatted code, and by the way there is no converting javascript into jQuery plugin, jQuery is JavaScript.