How to Mimic CSS for header layout from another theme/style in WordPress?

I am trying to Mimic the header of one style in my WordPress theme and transfer it to another style in the same theme. The CSS code is in the theme files, but when i paste it in the custom CSS panel the design gets weird. I am trying to put the header of Style 2 in Style 1.

Style 1 of the theme (called standard style):

Style 2 of the theme (called neo style):

I have isolated CSS code for each element, individually the code works but not together with CSS code for other elements.

CSS works with HTML. Is the HTML in Style 1 the same as the HTML in Style 2?

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I think so, because they are different styles in the same theme.
I may be wrong, but can you check out the demo links to get a clear picture?
I am new to WordPress, so i don’t know much.

Are you also new to HTML and CSS? Have you ever completed a basic HTML and CSS course?

As I mentioned above, the HTML and CSS work together. If the HTML for the header in the two themes is different, then you would have to replace the header of the standard theme with the HTML from the neo theme. Simply swapping the CSS is only half of the task.

PLEASE NOTE, that I do not believe it is possible to swap parts of themes around like that, so I am NOT recommending that you try. I am simply trying to emphasize that HTML and CSS work together. When a theme were made up from parts of two themes, how would WordPress know which part sould be updated during a major theme update? I think you need to learn more about the WordPress product before imagining how you might modify it.

I cannot supply a satisfactory solution to your dilemma as I am not a WordPress developer.
Perhaps a WordPress person will join this thread and provide guidance for you.

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