How to migration from sweetalert to sweetalert2 only for takes input select and radio?

Hi everyone, good morning.

This semester me and my friends are being apprentices of one of the company and we got the problem. My company have a problem with sweetalert. The problem is that the input for select and radio button wasnt working. And it was sweetalert version 6.4.x.

So i tried to change the plugin and download it manually from here :, and download the newest version (7.26.x).
After that i replaced all of js and css of sweetalert (v.6.4.x) that my company has used.

Now it goes work for input type of select or radio, but the other function goes wrong! Like input form and something else. The company has too much function that different so its impossible for me to migrate all of the content to the newest swal without compare the function :frowning: So all i can do is to make input of select and radio could be work in v.6.4.x.

So now i just wanna get the content of select and radio input, and add it to sweetalert 6.4.x , does it support? because in css and js there arent content for input like radio and select. If it could be work, where the line code i should insert in css and js? Got confused. thank youu

My first stop would be to find a changelog if one exists.
Then I would look at the dev console and in the error logs to see the error(s)
Next I would search for that error to see if others had solved a similar problem.
Lastly I would look at the file(s) indicated by the error(s) to determine why it was failing and look for any helpful comments.

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