How to message smart lists on facebook?

Facebook changes it’s interface that much, when you go to do something you don’t know how.

Having some time on my hands I’ve created Smart Lists for my contacts, Now I would like to send a private Message to these groups for example Family but how can that be done? – Without that is Typing everyone’s name into the recipient box.

Surely this can be done, it doesn’t seem to much to ask or are they that paranoid at HQ?

Thanks for your help!!!

I would have to look into it… I don’t use private messaging in FB so I didn’t do anything with them… and my smart lists seem to be smart enough to know how to classify themselves… (I assume that my friends and family did the categoraization for me in their own profiles :p)

I assume that you look in FB’s help pages and you didn’t find anything about this…

Yes. But not much comes up. I’m now assuming fully that I can’t be done.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=77d97114e097c10e&bpcl=38625945&biw=800&bih=345

My latest is trying a list of names separated with with either a comma ,+space or ,+ space but that didn’t work either as it didn’t seem to verify or confirm the friends. It seems you need to copy or write each name individually in the recipient box in order to select the friend.


Yep, it looks like it is not possible… I haven’t found much about it… it seems weird to implement this kind of feature in the way they’ve done… I mean, that it is easy to guess that people will try to use these list to send group pms and they’ll feel disappointed when they find out that’s not possible.

I haven’t tried group private messaging on facebook. But I did try the chat group on facebook but still you have to type their names into the recipient box…