How to merge two wordpress themes

I have two different wordpress themes. I want to put some feature from theme 2 into theme 1.
Is it possible ? if yes, then how ?

You really should give some more info on what exactly you want to do and what problems you are experiencing in doing so.

Your question is too broad and vague to give you a useful answer. It depends on your knowledge/skills, on the features you want to copy, on the theme you want to put them in.

Is this the same question as your other thread?

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You can do anything you want with themes - they just provide information on how the pages are to look.

I would suggest that you create a child theme based on your theme 1 and create the code there for modifying that theme with the elements you want to copy from theme 2.

That will make it easier to keep track of your changes and will also mean that any future versions of theme 1 will still be able to be applied.

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