How to merge 3 images so they show as 1?


I have simple 3 images i.e: left, center, right.

left is 10px wide
center can be widen upon the area available
and right is also 10px wide.

These images are basically for a rounded container. How to do in css so that i just do <div id=round">my content</div> and it shows with the rounded images of left, center and right ?


Not sure if my answer would fill your requirement. But what I usually do is add a <div> tag into the existing div and do two floating images to left and right, while putting a repeating. background image, if you need to place text into this box, just put all content in this div, otherwise just stick all the content into the outer div.


Can you give me some code as I am new to css.


Hi, just do method #2