How To Measure Pros / Cons Of People Sticking vs. Clicking Ads?

General question: How do you gauge the effect adding more ads to your site has on visitor experience, loyalty, stickiness, etc?

I really struggle with this question and would love some help, discussion, or pointers to experts that can help me answer this question.

Let’s say you run Google AdSense to monetize your site and Analytics to track what peeps are doing. You want them to click the ads to make money, but you also don’t want them bouncing off your site and not coming back… since AdSense opens in the same window, who’s to say the visitors will navigate back to your site?

The real question: How do you determine and find the perfect balance between monetizing your traffic and creating something that will be sticky?

From what I understand, you can’t really use changes in bounce rates, time on site, etc. The problem: the more people click and the sooner they click, the higher your bounce rates and the lower your time on site / pages per visit would be. So, do you exchange these bad things for better monetization? If so, how do you find when the balance is so you aren’t shooting yourself in the foot for longer term growth?

Hopefully that makes sense and hopefully there are some monetization, Google Analytics, and visitor experience experts out there that can help me out.


If your site contains good content then those who click on the ads will either do so after they have read the content they came to your site for or will return to your site after they finish interacting with the ad.

Well you don’t make money when people stay on your site, the entire goal of getting people to your site is to earn their trust and then it is to get them to click on ads or opt in, or even buy something.