How to measure a temp on a linux-cpu


how to measure a cpu-temp in a linux-system!?

allways thought that i can use

sensorscoretemp-isa-0000Adapter: ISA adapterPackage id 0

but this does not work here


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does this link help…

How To View CPU Temperature On Linux


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This helps alot.

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In the past there has not been a standard for how to get things like CPU temperature; perhaps the UEFI has provided that. However the DMTF’s Common Information Model (CIM) provides a standard for getting management information. It is quite extensive. IBM describes it in Common Information Model overview and suggests OpenPegasus.


right click on webpage-inspect element-performance-clcik on the record(ctrl+E) then stop
to see the performance



How, exactly, would that display the cpu temperature on Linux ? :winky: