How to market your service without a website?

I have to second the question… Why not? As the professional it’s worth understanding their reasoning for not wanting a website, especially when a website is now a necessity in this era if you want to have mainstream success. Apart from those you mentioned there’s always print advertising like magazines, perhaps radio, sponsoring an event or service might be a neat idea also as it would increase the brand name awareness… but a website should be the central hub. :slight_smile:

Why don’t you offer the client the website as part of the marketing promotion?

A quick boilerplate website can be knocked up pretty quickly, even if it is just a single page with the address, opening times, etc - and that wouldn’t add that much to the overall cost.

An online marketing campaign would be a lot less beneficial without a website, so he would be wasting money. Yes market it through Facebook, Twitter, etc, but I would be very surprised if he got a decent ROI on the ads without a website as most people that were interested in the ad would not know where to go next for more information or bookings - a phone number wouldn’t really cut it if the ad was online.

You can creat a free blog, and write contents for your car rental company in this blog, and do promotion for it.

Yes, I agree with you. Especailly Facebook

social networking sites are the great medium to market these kinds of service.

The option on that one is you must create a blog first,or you can make some of the social network on that like what everyone say. That is the best option so that its for the reader to know that you sale or rent a car.


facebook and the large forum on your country and find the classified ads on that forum.

You could always just pin their business card up on the corkboard at your local coffee shop! lol. I agree, having a website these days is crucial if you want to see any real responses. But if you tried any “offline” marketing for this client that was worthwhile, please share!


Dang-- I wish this thread wasn’t crazy old. Mostly because I just want to say : wtf?

I do traditional marketing for some clients, though I am also employed by a company to make websites. I love the web and all, but hell- traditional marketing is really far more effective, from rack cards to befriending folks who could recommend your service to partnering with other businesses there are so many real marketing opportunities beyond putting up a web page which may or may not fit anyones needs.

With this type of business since most of his customers will be local I believe you can approach online marketing differently. Here is what I would do:

Setup a business listing on: - great for B2B networking
HotFrog - gets very high rankings in google. Use keywords in your business name
Yelp - Review site
Kudzu - Review site

I would setup his listing on Google Places, Yahoo Local Search and Bing and put important keywords in nt Business title (not too much or google will penalize for spamming) . You do not have to have a website for any of this I am telling you about. Only a business with an address and phone number.

You could also setup and Ingenio Pay-Per-Call campaign and setup a business Ad on there to target his specific cities.

You could also setup a one page website like an extended business card for very cheap or free with and use that for a Google PPC campaign to target specific keywords.

Hope this helps,


Why not use a web-based tool in marketing your service? I’m actually using web conferencing tool that lets me conduct my sales presentations, meetings and promote my products and services. The good thing is that I’m using this for free. It’s just simple. If your customer is sitting in front of a computer with Internet access, then you can basically just send him to to select your meeting room. He will immediately see the presentation, software, brochures or whatever else it is that you want to show him on your computer.

Just create free blogs -why bother registering domains, creating sites and doing all the crap?

After you create free blogs, use article marketing, and social media promos, and create FB fan pages - you should be able to survive even without a proper website to promote the business :slight_smile:

By the way, these days .info domains are really cheap, and it hardly costs you anything to host them on shared servers… Setting up WP takes 5mins -so what’s the problem?

"just create free blogs -why bother registering domains, creating sites and doing all the crap?

After you create free blogs, use article marketing, and social media promos, and create FB fan pages - you should be able to survive even without a proper website to promote the business "

i agree with Its really a good I already tried this want and its effctive

There has some tools you can use for your service like as email, pump lets, take help by media, employer, new offers, advertisement etc.

In my view bookmarks sites Is the best the best in marketing

I’m interested on those tools, does those tools really work or effective for servicing?

You can use Twitter as well. If you don’t have a site social media in general will do it.
Still tell your client that he will lose if he only does this ( marketing a product without a site )

Social Media Networks are very useful for marketing your products. Upload your product details like pictures and videos on Social networks.Email marketing also very helpful for advertising your products with out website.

Actually today since you don’t need to pay anything for creating a new blog, it’d make more sense to create a blog (or even more), and then use Social Media networks, article marketing, and other techniques to promote the same.

In earlier day, free blogging platforms weren’t so popular and client used to hesitate on investing on a site (including hosting, design and SEO), but today it won’t be a great idea NOT to create your site/blog!

Surely. If you have any page on FB or twitter where you can post updates for your services, there are more chances your will be recognized better.