How to market to Calif. college students?

How to market to California college (and senior high-school) students?
Any good suggestions?

usually student magazine advertising are pretty cheap; you can check that out.

Which student magazine?

I’m sure some list broker out there would be glad to sell you a list of list of kids registered in colleges in california, but I would think you’d need a large budget to rent a list and do a mailing to them.

I don’t know what magazines webcosmo was thinking of, but since almost every college has some kind of student newspaper, I would think that’d be a quick and inexpensive way to advertise to college kids. Here’s a directory of college newspapers to get you started.


Facebook Advertising would be the best most targeted and cheapest traffic.

Don’t forget college radio stations. Advertising is cheap and often limited to school months, but it offers direct access to your target market.