How to market a new website?

I am working on a new website, which I hope to build into something like an info gathering and social networking platform. However, I don’t really know how to market it now. (low budget)

Can anyone give me some insights on this? I’d appreciate any input.

Thank you!

Is it blog? What is your niche?
Give us URL for review…

Marketing a website depends on what Niche you are in. Some marketing plan to health sites differ when you are about to market a techy sites. That is why knowing your niche is important.

I use wordpress and it’s not done yet.
It’s an info gathering platform for affiliate marketing articles, news and such. I also want to make it a platform where registered members can communicate with each other.

You can do marketing using SEO and SMO techniques by learn them through online free tutorials. I think you have to start with SMO through social networking sites, you can do it easily and get traffic from it.

get your website known on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks that you know. Begin so and it will be ok.

make your website known in the WWW, subscribe to online catalogues