How to Manage Your Product Backlog with Quire

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This article was created in partnership with Quire. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. The product backlog is probably one of the most controversial and misunderstood artifacts of an agile organization. Everybody seems to have an opinion about what should be on it, how it should be organized, and who should manage it. As a result, creating and managing product backlogs has become more of a dark art than a science. Tools that are optimized for running an agile team sometimes don’t work well for a product owner trying to keep track of stories that the team hasn’t started working on yet. One option product owners might want to consider is Quire, an online project management software tool with task and subtask tracking as well as Kanban board features, that can keep pace with an agile team while remaining unopinionated about how a product owner crafts upcoming features and product enhancements. The folks at Quire reached out to me to take a look at their product, and they may have come up with a solution that would work for product owners creating and maintaining a backlog for their teams. What is a Product Backlog, and How Do You Manage One? A product backlog is a collection of potential stories describing features a team may work on eventually that each add value for the customer. In scrum and Kanban, stories are discrete vertically sliced chunks of end-user functionality that are independent, negotiable, valuable, estimable, small, and testable. That’s quite different from a…

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