How to manage with multilingual site

Hi I have a small business in one country and would like to expand to another country where a different language is spoken. I have my site set up on wordpress and would like to add a different language to it. Thing is that I would like to simplify the site a bit for the new country as I won’t be offering such an extensive range of services, so it won’t be a direct translation of what I currently have. How would I best go about this?

I know that this can be done with Drupal fairly readily but to be hones I’ve never attempted anything like this with WP. Have you searched it on Google? There seems to be a lot of information available.


There is a good plugin for this, try

I’ve used it (as far as in my country 2 languages is a must and English a might, so at least 3 languages are required when you plan your site) and I’m pretty satisfied with the results.

What country is it?? there are some countries which will be better off if you just English on your site.