How to manage updated NPM dependencies inside Laravel

I try to update Laravel using terminal.
If I execute a command:

npm install bootstrap --save-dev

It is an issue I do not see (locally) refreshed Bootstrap version with the updated version even package.JSON file is also manually modified to the updated version.

Is there other button or command to execute and see result inside browser?

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I am guessing you are missing step two as outlined in this article…

I hope this helps.

I have done and checked dependencies:
“devDependencies”: {

    "axios": "^0.18",

    "bootstrap": "^5.0.1",

    "cross-env": "^5.1",

    "jquery": "^3.2",

    "laravel-mix": "^4.0.7",

    "lodash": "^4.17.5",

    "popper.js": "^1.12",

    "resolve-url-loader": "^2.3.1",

    "sass": "^1.15.2",

    "sass-loader": "^7.1.0",

    "vue": "^2.5.17"


Why dependencies are not seen inside website when checked

Public>css>app.css is still an old Bootstrap css even dependencies are set. Can be automatically modified if JSON is updated?
“devDependencies”: {
“axios”: “^0.18”,
“bootstrap”: “^5.0.1”,

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