How to manage products with different flags?

How do you handle product with different flags like featured, new, christmas special, valentine special…?

do you use fields in the same product table (say:products)
or different table
But How?

there are lots of ways to do it

how many flags do you gots? you mentioned 4, is that all?

may be more than 4

so, like 187 ?

@rudy: i didn’t get you.
What i mean to say is that there may be no of flags (not fixed)?

I think my question is clear.

okay, in that case, set up a product_attributes table…

CREATE TABLE product_attributes
( product_id INTEGER     NOT NULL 
, attr_name  VARCHAR(99) NOT NULL
, attr_value VARCHAR(99) NOT NULL
, PRIMARY KEY ( product_id , attr_name )

now please do a little research and look up entity-attribute-value (EAV) to see how horribly difficult this scheme really is