How to manage installed composer components inside WordPress?

How to manage installed composer components inside WordPress? I try to connect component like IP info into WordPress code. As I understand there are usual steps to perform installation but how to connect components inside WordPress?
How do I add a Composer to WordPress:
Step 1: Make sure you have composer installed. …
Step 2: Initiate composer in your project. …
Step 3: Configure the autoloader. …
Step 4: Run composer install from your plugin root directory. …
Step 5 (Optional Last Step): Change the name of the vendor directory.

An example:

use ipinfo\ipinfo\IPinfo;

How to separate our PHP code from a content as I do not like to mix functions.php from a particular page?

Here’s something to try:

  1. Installation: Run composer require ipinfo/ipinfo in your plugin directory.
  2. Autoloading: Add require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php'; at the top of your plugin file.
  3. Usage: You can now use the IPinfo class in your plugin file like this:
    $client = new \ipinfo\ipinfo\IPinfo();
    $details = $client->getDetails();

Regarding separation of code, consider creating a new PHP file for your custom functions in your theme folder, e.g., custom-functions.php. Then, require this file in your functions.php file using require get_template_directory() . '/custom-functions.php';.

This way, you keep your functions separate and your functions.php file clean!

I hope that helps.


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