How to make video?

hello, i can make video presantasation? like my video saw in left bottom corner as well as my work are also presanting on screen. both are see together.

I’ve moved your question from Marketing, because it doesn’t seem to have any relevance to that category, but you’ll need to explain much more clearly what you’re asking here.

Are you asking how to embed a video into the corner of a web page? If so, your question would probably be better in HTML/CSS (I can move it again).

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No, I think OP is asking about multi-screen sharing. So basically have a couple smaller screens on top of the current screen and have the original or basically main screen as the bigger screen. So something similar to say using a mobile webcam. You have a smaller screen in the corner (yourself) and on the main screen, you have of the other person. I believe it’s possible, but you would have to know how to sync videos with each other to have it work if you are going to do off-screen tweaks.


smaller screen in the corner (yourself) and your tutorial show on the main screen

Yes. So if you are going to do a live face cam along with a tutorial/ presentation, then yes, you will have to try and sync the recordings. I don’t really know how people do it, but I suspect they do a face cam recording at the same time, they do on screen recordings. Then when editing, just shrink the face cam video to expected size and I believe you then mute the on screen video and only have the face cam have audio. This in turn will give you the effect of what you are saying. This is all in theory though.

Don’t expect this to work though. I am not an expert at this and I have never done these kind of recordings so if something goes wrong, then I am sorry. I normally only do on screen recoding along with voice recording. That’s about it.

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okay. So, which software you use for it? or which one is batter?
i m a new for it so plz explain in depth.
i never used this and no idea how to use it! so plz explain in depth.

Thank you

@spaceshiptrooper has given you the general process. Which part did you not understand?

If you need step-by-step instructions, I suggest you try searching for a tutorial. It isn’t really the place of a forum to teach you an entire skill from beginning to end.

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Hey Guys you can make video by simply using power point presentation tools, just you need to export your power point work into video format.

You can basically use any of you’d like. The one I use, I have linked it here.

As for explaining, I gave you a general idea on how to go about it. Try it once and you’ll see.

Please read the conversation above because you clearly didn’t.

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