How to make use google+ in SMO

How to make use google+ in SMO.I think its not better than facebook.Share your opinions?


And why are backlinks a priority for you in social efforts?

Facebook is better than Google+ for SMO or SEO.

Can you explain your point in more detail?

I seem to be out of the loop here. What is SMO? :confused2:

Social Media Optimization.

I think it is just because of massive group of people, on Facebook there are already 800 billion active users whereas Google+ is a growing website, it takes time to grow up like Facebook.

800 billion? whoa

What a horrible term that is! Looks like the SEO crowd is running out of options in a dying business so trying to expand into Social Media.

Why optimize your friends?

Yes, I know that businesses work hard in Social Media, but still, if they have interesting posts and interesting pages, they’ll find the following they want.

I think there’s a certain amount of necessary marketing to get a page seen but I agree with your premise… In a world where you can’t segment messages [at least not beyond demographics… yet], it’s far better to have X likes who actually connect with your brand and found it through relevant means rather than X times 10 who don’t care but signed up for some gimmick. There’s little interaction and a whole lot of “drag down” when you get that model.

We can use google+ in smo rather than other social media sites because it’s fully featured and it comes first in search result because it’s associated with directly google.

the original topic of this thread was how

do you have anything to contribute in terms of how to use google+ for smo?

On Google+, you could probably promote your business among certain circles of friends you think would benefit in particular. I would think that sharing apt stuff with right circles shows more intent maybe?..may be rambling…still not very sure how Google+ operates - sorry…

I just read in a article on face book search engine having some restriction that they can access wall post of the users while Google+ if your post is public than it can be crawled by search engine so from your all followers account it can be crawled that means from Google+ you can get more benefit of SMO

You’re confusing your ability to see a comment with the impact of a comment. Having more authentic conversations that you can’t measure or see is far better than having less ones which are set to public.

Whether it’s Facebook or Google+, users can generally do restrict their posts to friends or select users.

There’s no data support to identify which is better, google plus or facebook. Both of them, infact, all social media sites are good for SMO, if there are enough member on these sites.

you can create fan pages in google + for your business

o rly?

please explain how

its very simplified compare to Facebook, like anything else by Google