How to make twitter followers Loyal?

Friends I have heard that Twitter followers and Loyal Twitter followers are different things. We have over 1000 followers from across the world. Should we add more followers to our account or We just should make them loyal first and then move ahead…:slight_smile:

What do you mean? What is Loyal Twitter follower? Someone who read all of your tweets and has an active interconnection with you? Or something else?

exactly the same. Who Retweets my tweets and favorite.

People who follow you but have no interest in your business and don’t engage or not going to be any use to you. The whole point about sites like Twitter is to build up a community, not to give you a platform for sending out mass-market spam. So you need to try to build that engagement, loyalty if you like, from the followers you’ve got … if you can’t do that then you need to rethink your strategy of how to get followers, and what engagement you are looking for.

First try to tweet some good and attractive topics. Then people will come to your post and they can follow you because they hunger your next tweet.


Stevie has a good point. Yes building up a following is important but it is equally if not more important to get that following engaged with your brand. I would rather have 300 followers retweeting and otherwise interacting with everything that I do on Twitter as opposed to 3000 followers that don’t do anything with my content or interact with my brand in any way. Promotion on these networks cannot be a one-way street.

Here are some tips for engaging twitter followes,

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I agree that it doesn’t mean how much followers you have. But how can 300 Loyal followers improve your sales for example? Maximum what they can do is retweeting of interesting tweets from your company and bring some visitors to the site. And will it justify the efforts for the ad campaign making?

Thanks for responidng

Keep post your website latest news and promotions offers visitor will surely follow you.

maybe you can post some usefull tweets. Post about your interest, if someone search some keyword on twitter, they will find you. If your tweets is usefull and nice, your follower will not unfollow you. I think that is the point.

When someone who doesn’t know you chooses to follow you, and you check out their profile to see a bio talk all about their business, how loyal do you think such a follower will be? that kind of following is a form of spam, and such followers are mostly useless. don’t be like them.

If you are a blogger who posts high quality stuff, then you can make your followers “loyal” or avid readers of your content.

I’ve never heard of the term “loyal followers” before. Based on what I can see from other posts in this thread, you mean people who retweet you, right? How are you measuring that, anyway? I guess I just don’t get what you’re trying to do.

Having 1000 followers doesn’t really mean anything if you’re not interacting with anyone. Heck, having over 9 million followers means nothing if you’re not interacting with anyone. Just ask Beyonce:

And what does “should we add more followers to our account” mean, anyway? How would you do that?

for me, you have to remain connected with your circle. You don’t have to agree with everything and all. Let your voice be heard, put out ideas in the open, anything a person would be interested to read. Also, it should help to retweet and favorite tweets, as well as mentioning fellow users. You just have to be part of your circle. I usually unfollow for inactive users.

But, please don’t spam. It’s a pain to read spam shared in timelines…