How to make this type of image

How to make this an image ,what software i have to use to make a image as like this


You’ll need to be more specific. That is an image.

What are you trying to achieve?

Any help

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Did you mean something like this:


Yes something like but more clear like as

In Photoshop CC, Filter > Pixelate > Crystallize, then adjust the cell size number. This will fragment the image. I suspect the image you gave has been hand-corrected afterwards – it is just too good to be a straight filter. Everything is too perfect.


nothing happened

Don’t mask it.

What i have to do to don’t mask

It looks like the filter needs solid areas, not thin lines.
Try again on a face closeup. Don’t apply any masks, but open it and apply the filter and see what happens.

I tried 31,12,300 cell i got this.

A quick search came up with a few results.
These look something like.

I can’t judge the picture. Only you know what you want.

I want an image like this.

That was made with a solid image and large cell size. As you can see, the cell sizes in the image vary dramatically. This tells me that the artist manually created much of this, filter or no. Filter > Crystallize is the lazy man’s way to art.

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