How to Make Submit Button Semi Transparent?

Is it possible to make Submit Button to be semi-transparent? I have a image at the background and I want it to show through the button. I don’t want to use image as button.
Many thanks.

If you want the image to show underneath the submit button, assign the input field with the value of “submit” an ID. Then style the ID so it has a transparent background (or if you want the image to be the background, give it a transparent background color, then give it a background image, and turn the border off).

Note that this will not work in Safari.

Are you talking about something like the following?
opacity: 0.1; /* Firefox 1.5, Opera 9, Netscape 8 (FF) /
filter: alpha(opacity=50); /
Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3, Netscape 8 (IE) */

But the above solutions don’t work with IE6. Is there a solution that work with IE6?

A variation on the opacity filter should work on IE5.5 and 6. I’m not sure of the actual code, but google should be able to help you.

You could also introduce -khtml-opacity:0.1; to support Safari and Konqueror.

This is what I mean:

 #submitButton {
  	background: transparent url('/path/to/image.jpg');
  	border: 0;
 	color: inherit; /* this is to shut the CSS validator up, but if you want, feel free to replace "inherit" with a custom color */
  	height: /* height of image */ ;
  	width: /* width of image */ ;

Just make sure there is no actual text in the button (since Safari doesn’t apply style rules to submit or reset buttons at all, you’ll need the text generated by the “value” attribute–that, and it’s still accessable to browsers that understand CSS but still have images turned off, like dialup users for instance).