How to make Static content using HTML

I am looking for an option of giving a Static content and further dyanamic content should be generated according to the need.

Does knowledge of PHP is needed for this or else HTML can help?

Depends on the nature of the “static” and “dynamic” content. Generally speaking, static content never changes or changes infreqently. It could be changed manually via your web site’s CMS or, if it can be set up in advance, perhaps it could be changed with a cron job on the server (which might use PHP to do the deed). Dynamic content could be anything that changes in real time as the user interacts with your site or less frequently such as an automated message of the day or a periodic “sale” bulletin or a pricing schedule. You will have to describe the characteristics of your “dynamic” and “static” content then some of our experienced “content managers” will be better able to advise or assist you.

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It is quite possible to have a mix of static and dynamic content.
PHP is not the only language you can use for this, but it is the most common and widely available.
You may typically use both HTML and PHP for this.
Static content can be pure html, dynamic will likely be a bit of both in the page template (or use a template engine) with more php going on in the background to pre-process the data before delivering to the page.

Probably you should start by learning HTML and how websites work, such as domain names and DNS. You will need to understand all of that even if you are creating dynamic content.

After that it will help to understand how server-side environments and languages work. PHP is both, a server-side environment and a language. If you are using a Microsoft way of doing things then ASP.Net is the environment and C# is the most popular language for use with ASP.Net. Server-side environments work by reading a file in with the language in the file and the programming and other data generate a HTML file out.

Static content as the name suggests does not change frequently. So Simple HTML can be used to create such pages. In future, if you feel like converting to dynamic pages you can use PHP/Mysql to code these pages. There are many open source CMS applications available which can be used for creating dynamic content pages.

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