How to make site redirect... Silently

Redirect on other page by click link without loading ?

I am sorry, but the forums are for helping people who have already done something on their own and would like to solve a specific problem. If you want someone to give you code, I’d suggest hiring someone for that job. If you don’t want to do that either, then you should start with something you created and we can start from there.

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@shivkumar , Please forgive me if I’m wrong, but I have a feeling you are either a relative newbie, that English is not your native language, or both.

I would go as far to say that there are more members here that share the language of code in common than there are members that share the English language in common.

In other words, posting your code can go a long way in helping others understand a question. Many times a rough mock-up or screen capture can help, but even then having code to look at / try, is usually better.

If a question is a “just beginning” question, using the correct terminology helps, which isn’t always easy since how can one know until they know?


The default for a link click is typically a page request. If you are wanting this to not be the case, please explain what it is you want to happen instead.

It sounds like what you are asking is how to not have a visible delay between the link click event and the next page’s load event. If so, it has less to do with the page containing the link and much more to do with the next page. eg. if a site visitor has a slow internet connection and the page calls in a lot of external files, has heavy weight media content, then the “previous page” will not “blink”, but there will be a visible delay. Is this the problem you’re concerned about?


What is the code for when we click Amy links or buttons redirect on linked page but not window loading. All redirect process works silently…

I tried to search on Google but not available…

Generally we can view this type of example or website on some commercial website or youtube.

I’m sorry, but I’m really not sure what you’re asking here.

A link works by taking you to a different page when it is clicked. A redirect will automatically take you to a different page without the need to click a link or button.

Do you want to have content from another site displayed in an iframe on your own page when the link is clicked?

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Are you possibly referring to a Single Page Application, or SPA?

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There is no single line of code to do that. There are tools to facilitate it like JavaScript, AJAX, and various modern JS tool sets like Angular, Vue, and React to name a few. If building something from scratch it would be wise to use a modern JS lib/framework. If you are adding this feature to an existing project than jQuery and AJAX would be the route to take.

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