How To Make Proper Link Wheel?

Hello All,

I just started SEO So i know little about Link Wheel
but I want to Create Link Wheel Proper Way

Will You Please Advice me ?


Vipul Makwana

You are making up and posting a lot of nonsense today. Care to explain how they actually help a site, when mpost experts are saying that they do not actually help?

Its not new and it stopped being effective about the time the spammers over at Warrier Forum started selling eBooks on how to do it.

-Your backlinks are only from high PR sites
-You are using only 1-2 keywords as anchor text
-You are building links to just 1 or 2 pages of your site.
-Your backlinks are only dofollow.
-You are getting a lot of links from different sources even when your content is spammy/duplicate

++++ 1000’s of other factors that G knows.

Try here:

Ha Ha - that was brilliant :lol: !! I’ve never heard of lmgtfy before, but I have a feeling it will become a favorite link to friends and family :wink:

I’m wondering though how a search engine spider could determine whether you’re spamming or not. It would have to have some sort of context analysis won’t it?

It’s new but very effective. Through link wheel any one can get more traffic.

Link wheel strategy is crucial strategy since we know it is somewhat manipulative way of link building…Fundamentally the strength in link wheels is determined by the Web 2.0 properties used. :smiley:

Try reading this article :

Don’t underestimate The Power of Google!

  1. You MUST not spam.
  2. If you spam, forget bout getting ranked.