How to make perfect FB business page?

I want to make FB business page for my company and i have made some pages too but i think they are not so attractive as compared to our competitors. I have seen so many facebook pages and people are using nice pages for their business. So can anyone help me to do the same for my company.

You have to update your FB page on the daily basis. Get some ideas from your competitors FB page, you can get a lot of tricks to promote your FB page. :slight_smile:

The Facebook page needs to accurately reflect and compliment your business, rather than to stand out enough to be its own website.

I’ve created a few popular pages before, and the best thing I can recommend is to figure out what you want your users to do on your Facebook page that they cannot already do on your website, within the limits of the Facebook terms of service (give them a read, some of them are surprising).

Thanks for this valuable information.:slight_smile:

Why daily?

Their are attractive facebook page cover designed by developer. You can customized your own page or purchase from cover page design websites.

A cover design is a single image and while great thought can [and should] be put into that visual, the success of a page is barely related to the image. The vast majority of people only view brand pages via their feed thus it is all about what you post and how you grow your following.

You got to answer this question: perfect from who’s point of view? ( lot of traffic, great design, how updated per day? ). After you make the decision the rest is just implementing the results.

Just remember that facebook should only be part of your strategy. Invite your fans to your email list, so you can then contact them directly whenever you want, and invite them to your other sites, like twitter, linkedin etc.
Also, you can promote any product or service outside of facebook.

Customized your FB page, create a unique FB cover, you may include links to your homepage, or a sale or special announcement. Be visible to your liker by participating on a conversation.

make a really interesting page with your business’ name, logo, and tagline. It would be great if you put all info in one banner photo and upload it as your head cover. Put necessary info in your about page. Update your status with everything going on in your site - new blog posts, products, offers, discounts, whatsoever. Also, you can add photos of your products and put description about them.

Just be sure you don’t make social an ad for your business. You have the chance to communicate with your customers & prospects, don’t waste it broadcasting at them.

Interesting things, And also i need to know, how to derive the sales/leads through facebook

First you have to fill up all your information correctly and regularly. If your business has done any new event then post it on this wall and convince people to like and share that.

You should contact any good webpage designing company for the help. They are professional for designing company facebook fan page.

Customize your page with good designs made specifically with the logo and design of your company. Frequently posts your company updates along with relevant images, and you will surely get an attractive fan page.

Aside from the cover what exactly would they be designing?

like you said that you have made some pages but they are not attractive; i guess from that you dont have much experience on content writing or presenting. you should try to learn more about content writing but if even after some knowledge or strategies you are not able to work your way out, may you should hire some professionals to do it… now a days there are many firms that handle your social networks for effective marketing.

You can add pages to get interacted with people who are visiting the site. You can offer them a coupon code if they like the page to purchase any product in your site…

Coupons motivate but don’t be mislead into creating a dependance on them…