How To Make My Xampp Live Help Please

Hi All, I am done with my website. Now i want to make it live using Xampp, I know its not a good idea, but i really want to host it from my house, i really have no idea about the configuration. My port 80 is correctly forwarded in my modem router. Can anyone please provide me a video or text tutorial so that i can make it live. Please help me out guys.

Hi zulqurnankhan welcome two the forum

I have two questions

Why do you want to have your computer as a host server instead of using an online host?
How much knowledge and experience do you have with network protocols?

Nothing personal, but as you are using XAMPP I have the feeling you have little understanding of the complexities, dangers and problems involved in trying to do what you are asking.

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Hi sir thank you very much. The very first thing i want to tell you is that i live in a backward country, dollars here means alot.

Secondly, i am not very much experienced with network protocols, perhaps not at all.

Third dangers and problems are the words that dosent have much value here.
I am sorry to post such problem with less experience. But it would be amazing to host a website from the computer despite every dangers. .

Because “dollars mean much” are you prepared to acquire backup servers and backup power supply if you don’t already have them? Are you prepared to maintain a constant internet connection and have 24/7 monitoring of the servers in case of a hardware fail?

However, if even a low priced host is beyond your means, there are free hosts.
They are not as “professional” i.e. they tend to be subdomains and often will display the “free” hosts advertisements, be restrictive in certain limits and capabilities etc.
But they are Free.

Believe me. You may now think that “dangers and problems” are not a concern, but you would find that they quickly became concerns.

The problem is not with hosts, i can manage hostgator i mean its fine, but the problem is with space, i want too much space, they provide only 1 TB space. That unmetered space they show in the package is actually 1 TB, trust me i have tried. What could posiblly be the dangers? the computer i will be hosting my website will have no data other than the website.

Secondly is it hard to set it up completely, i havent found any tutorial regarding this topic. I mean why wouldnt i want to host my website when i can, i can pay the electricity bills and the internet. To be very honest with you, i really need much space.

Why do i need so much space?
Well because i will be using a game website, that requires too much space, because i will provide my users free games and games are bigger these days. And every hosting provider deletes such content if you upload it there.

Why dont i use other platforms to upload the games and only host my website in the hosting companies?
Because thats too much expensive, and everyone can copy my content i cant hide it.

Sir, if its easy and not time consuming please help me out.

Or if you tell me that how this man has hidden his link and where has he uploaded his content i will give up this craze. See the blow link

Click on the Download image at the bottom of the page, and see where has he uploaded his content and we cant copy his links because they change, and how did he do this>>


Thanks, I think I am beginning to understand the motive behind your question.

Anyway, before going off-topic by discussing other questions, please try this and let us know how it goes for you.

Leave the XAMPP site as it is on that computer, it will function as the host server.
On a different computer that is connected to the computer with the XAMPP site via your homes intranet, set up a virtual machine. This computer will act as the client that is requesting a web page from the XAMPP site.
Open a web browser from within the virtual machine and using the address bar go to “http://the-xampp-site/some-page.html

Once you have all that working you will have gained some knowledge of your OS and a small taste of what would be involved with using you computer as a live host.

Hi sir, thanks for replying. I understand what you are saying, The intranet set up has already been done, i have been testing it, but how can i make it live? i want to run it through wordpress, apply a custom domain that i have purchased.

You have made a good start. Knowing the IP and port numbers will be a big help. And the experience gained from figuring out the proxies etc. will help too.

I have no idea what you mean by “run it through WordPress”. WordPress is a CMS and has nothing to do with running a server other than it being run on the server.

The next step is to contact your ISP so you can get a static IP to allow you to do the DNS record stuff.

Well, I have a static IP, it never changes,… What next should i do?

Give the necessary information to your ISP so they can set up the DNS records.

Necessary information? and why do my ISP need information? I didnt get this part…

As I posted “so they can set up the DNS records.”

How else would anyone be able to go to “” and end up at your static IP?


I have purchased the domain from Godaddy, how can my ISP add the DNS records?

You were talking about using your home computers as online servers.

So I’m unsure what you mean by “purchased the domain”.

If you are hosting with them, then it usually takes a while to propagate.

If you mean that you bought a name only, and are not hosting with them, you need to contact an ISP, either the one you have now or a different one if they don’t offer static IPs or you don’t like their deal.

For an example, one ISP that offers static IPs in my area is Comcast.

So if I were interested in having a static IP with them I would first sign up for their business plan - 16Mbps at $69.95 per month

and then contact them for any support questions I might need answered.

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