How to make my webpage adjust correctly to any device?

I would like to know how to make it adjust to any device, using position : fixed ; is fixing a bit but when I try to zoom in it just goes everywhere, is that ok or?


First, we would need to define what “adjust to any device” means. Because if it is really going to look the same in all devices, some people could had serious problems (small screens, phones more likely)

And we will take it from there. Be aware that if your meaning of “adjust to any device” is, as I said, look the same in all devices, that’s just not possible.

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Minnow, you are hereby requested to NOT start another topic about the same subject when one is already open. And again, in the new topic, you did not offer a link to your web site so you left us without a clue about where to start. Fortunately, a link to your test site appears in the first thread… assuming that is still the one you are working on.

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