How to make more sales online?

In these days everyone wants to make more money. We are also in business and selling inkjet cartridges and toners to our customers. We want to sale more and more so what the things we should do with our business…

Please share some comments what will you do if you are in the same business?

There is no perfect answer for this type of question. The best i can advise is time tested techniques that seem to work well with the right amount of influence. But nothing can beat solid marketing campaigns to increase sales. But understanding where and when and how is the trick of the trade. My advice would get a budget put together and do some research on best places to target your potential customers and then advertise your product to them.

The best outlets to market are through TV, Web, Radio but don’t go just putting up ads, you first need to learn your audience and when and where they are looking for products like yours and then target that audience with targeted marketing techniques. Example: does potential clients go to this website alot to learn where to buy products? Maybe you should talk with that website work out a deal for advertising space. But all in all there is companies who can do this for you or you can do it yourself. Always make sure your marketing is always bringing a ROI.

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Invest more efforts in using an effective marketing strategy. At least in my opinion, that’s what I would do. I want to reach out to my target market and introduce my business to them by focusing on what I can offer that other’s don’t have… I guess that would be a great way to attract customers and increase sales…:slight_smile:

Once a customer buys a certain printer he or she is likely to use it for a long time and will also buy multiple inkjet cartridges. There is a big market for inkjet cartridges in all over the world, specifically in USA. None of this means that it is a easy Business.

So before taking any action you must Research your market to find target customer. Then you may do the followings:
Identify the competitor
Develop the marketing and promotional strategies.
Set a budget for the marketing plan
You must include a attainable goals for your marketing plan
Finally you have to monitor your marketing plan results.

Agreed with amin007.

I am not a pro in inkjet cartridges market, still, what I would do is:

  1. Make your current customers loyal. Inkjet cartridges is something that you need on regular basis. Therefore, remarketing can become your best friend to save your clients. Regular emails, phone calls every 2-3 months, PPC remarketing is a must, imho
  2. Discover your audience basing on your current customers and reach them. In-market audience can work really good for that purpose.
  3. Discover audience of your competitors and beat them. Better offer, better customer service etc.
  4. Affiliate Marketing. F.e. you can work closely with websites who sell printers.

Promotions and discounts, for example)

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I’m reading a business book now for entrepreneurs. It says to keep working on your strengths and outsource what you are poor at. In this case, you might hire a marketing firm to help you.

Offhand, because inkjet toner is used regularly, why not create a subscription, where toner cartridges are mailed out on a regular basis, with the ability to increase or stop mailings as required?

Now-a-days, people want to buy something, they go for reviews of product.
So maintain your online presence i.e. Online reputation.
For that you must be socialize in available resources like Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

On the other hand you can run affiliate program. Or you can take help of PPC(Pay Per Click).

Discounts FTW. If I like it, I’ll go back a second time.

Well, first and foremost stop ripping people off xD Just joking but it is nevertheless true… inkjet cartridges together with printer companies are using a strategy known as “planned obsolescence” when people see on their screens “low ink levels” when in fact their cartridges are more than half full. A way to fix this is to open your printer and there is one small device which measures or more accurately rotates in circle and once it makes a full circle it signals to the printer that the ink levels are low (all one needs to do is just rotate it so that it will start measuring again from the beginning)

But let’s put that aside, what you can do to make more online sales is:

  1. Get a thorough knowledge of your market (survey your customers and analyze the data using statistics to find out correlations between different variables)

  2. Once you understand the problems and opportunities, develop a plan and strategy of how you will satisfy them (you might discover for example that a certain demographic audience will respond better than others so you can effectively target them during your online advertising campaigns)

  3. Decide on available budget and create schedule or so called “flight plan”

  4. Establish a brand, Advertise and promote (SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc.)

  5. Find out what works and what doesn’t

  6. Stop doing what doesn’t work and do only what does work

  7. Ask for feedback from your customers and make necessary changes

  8. Rinse and repeat

  9. And stop ripping people off! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck :slight_smile:


if you want to promote your business then you can get more sales through to digital marketing but firstly always shares high - quality products and also mention the price of every product and offers the valid coupon to interested clients.

Know more about your competitors:

  1. Are they selling the cheaper products?
  2. How about their customers?
  3. Are there any discount campaigns on their website?
    Especially those already successful ecommerce website should you analyze more. And at the very first just follow their strategy after you find out a better way to promote your products. There is no easier way to earn more money on the Internet but trying and making conclusion.

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