How to make money from Wordpress blog?

i have read many articles about how to make money, but not any of the ways work, i am asking this question here just to know your views guys and your guidelines to implement. for your information i will tell, we have technology blog with latest update on tech news.

Any suggestions on how to make this blog grow ?


If you have tried every single monetization methods recommended out there and none of them worked for you, you are either not trying hard enough or you don’t have a sizable audience to be monetized.

The tech space, especially tech news, is swamped with blogs, publications, aggregators and many other unique takes. How are you different? Why would a reader visit your blog instead of the rest?

Find a unique angle for yourself. For example, stratechery is an up and coming tech blog which many authoritative figures in the tech space are subscribed to. Its blog posts focus on business strategy and takes a brainy analysis angle on tech news instead of being just another tech news reporting blog. :slight_smile:

you can make money using google adsence.

If you don’t come up with something different it will be like working against the wind. 500 words content can be found on millions of blogs. How you will be different ? Just think of it and you will understand that is hard to make the difference now days especially with all Google policy and updates!

Nothing else to say !

Through placing advertisement on your blog you can make money. You may contact a company, google adword, or ppc advertising network sites to place their advertisement.

It’s really easy , go and find some good affiliate campaigner websites like amazon, flipcart, mantra , They offers very good money also , only you need to have good nitch visitor to your blog have…

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