How to make money from my image host? Whats better than Adsense?

You had 9317 visitors on last month. Suppose each visitor had 5 pageviews. So, in total more than 46K pageviews. With two banners and one popup per page you can earn a cpm of $1.50. So, your last month earning could be = (46 x 1.50) = $69

Your response is very reasoned and well thought out John. I appreciate that. You are most likely right, and I think what I should be doing is finding the sites that are hotlinking the most bandwidth, and deny them access.

Instead I made the wrong choice, I just upgraded my hosting to a new VPS. I am probably going to need a ton more visitors to even think about making enough to pay for the VPS!

What’s done is done for now I guess. But what I’d like to know, you said “adsense has a difficult task to match the advert to the text content.” This is the problem I am having, which advertisers are best for an image host? I am guessing rich media type ads, but which companies are best?

Thanks again for your response.

Hi Sandro,

Best of luck with your new hosting and hope you have made a good choice.

If you have a new hosting and use cPanel then it may well have an option to prevent Hotlinking your images which will reduce your bandwidth considerably. I would also remove the URL link which encourages Hotlinking and only supply your Viewer link.

As far as Adsense is concerned then it depends on the title, meta tags and text on your page. There are many posts on this site where you could learn how to supply the relevant words to help with encouraging your Adsense. As you mentioned the relevant advertsiements to strive for could well be rich media, photography, albums, etc.

Another use for your site would be to supply information to users on how they can utilise your site to advertise for sale items. Check out

Maybe other Sitepoint posters can offer some more suggestions.

Best of luck with your quest and don’t give up your day job :slight_smile: