How to make jQuery Slider to stop after 1 cycle

I’m using this basic jquery slider, but like it to stop after 1 cycle. I realized other sliders plugin have this option AFTER I’ve already incorporated this basic slider into my page, it works out great, except I need to have it stop after 1 cycle. Every slide is a list item, so I just need the automatic slide to stop at the last list item.

This is what I have so far:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

		// w + h to enforce consistency
        width           : 660,
        height          : 235,
        // transition valuess
        animtype        : 'slide',
        animduration    : 350,      // length of transition
        animspeed       : 10000,     // delay between transitions
        automatic       : true,     // enable/disable automatic slide rotation
		// control and marker configuration
        showcontrols    : false,     // enable/disable next + previous UI elements
        centercontrols  : false,     // vertically center controls
        nexttext        : 'Next',   // text/html inside next UI element
        prevtext        : 'Prev',   // text/html inside previous UI element
        showmarkers     : false,     // enable/disable individual slide UI markers
        centermarkers   : false,     // horizontally center markers

        // interaction values
        keyboardnav     : false,     // enable/disable keyboard navigation
        hoverpause      : false,     // enable/disable pause slides on hover

        // presentational options
        usecaptions     : false,     // enable/disable captions using img title attribute
        randomstart     : false,     // start from a random slide
        responsive      : false,     // enable responsive behaviour


I forgot to include the link to the plugin:

Maybe something like this: (not sure about the syntax)

animationComplete: function() {
if ($(‘.slideClass li:last’).hasID(‘last-slide’)) {