How to make IPB - Pages (PHP) side menu collapsible?

Any codes or tricks to make IPB Pages (PHP based) side sub-menu collapsible?

I don’t want show the right hand sub-category menu at all and wish to get rid of “and 6 more” under each main category.

Thanks in advance.

You may find some of the methods in this topic helpful.

The details element may be the simplest solution.

Hi gkhanna24 welcome to the forum

I don’t know what this has to do with PHP, if you are having trouble generating the HTML output we would need to see some PHP code.

IMHO you should probably spend some time fixing these errors.

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Thanks for pointing the errors, can you please tell me how you got these many errors? Which browser you are using?

I don’t get any errors in frontend or backend in chrome and IE.

That is the html validator, it checks for errors in the html, the errors exist regardless of browsers.
But browsers are able to re-interpret broken code and display what it thinks the site should be like by guessing corrections to the errors. But the errors will still exist until they are fixed. While there are errors, there is do guarantee that the page will display constantly across all browsers, as they may re-interpret or guess corrections to various errors differently.

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Those are not browser errors. They are HTML errors.

But don’t lose heart over the number of them. Most often, fixing one error removes several others.

For example, removing the img from the head section and putting it into the body section will likely also remove a lot of the “at this point” errors.

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