How to make image or text at top of the column

Hi all,

I want to ask a question about column on html…

I have a table that contained 2 column…

First column I put image and the second I put text description.

Can I know how to make an image always on top. This is because when I write text description, the image will down and down followed the text that I wrote.

Thanks in advance

    <td><img src="image.gif" alt="an image" /></td>
    <td style="vertical-align: top">text aligned at the top of the column</td>


if you are using tables, then you can give your first cell (where the image is placed) a vertical align.

.my-image-container {vertical-align:top;}

<td class="my-image-container"><img src="my-image.png" alt=""></td>

Tq all…I got it…