How to make HTML5 Geolocation more accurate?

Hi All

I’ve been playing with the HTML5 Geolocation options and noticed that the results can be a bit erratic and wondered if there was a way to get them more consistent.

I’ve been doing all of my tests on an iphone 5 and just using the standard getCurrentPosition code with enableHighAccuracy: true and enableHighAccuracy: false, but sometimes when I click the code to get my position on a Google map it is sometimes about 0.25-0.5 mile out - yet (and this is a biggie) if I go to the Maps app on the phone it moves around a bit and then gets my position bang on.

Is there something I can do to get the same level of accuracy?

Speaking of accuracy - what does the position.coords.accuracy command actually do or mean? I’ve had a map position bang on where I am yet it says something like 1200 and I’ve had it show the pin about 400 yards away from my location and I get 165

Thanks in advance.

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