How to make google my business / local listing appear in the SERPS

I’m sure many people have been incredibly frustrated by google + local / business / places or (whatever they are called now) listings, even just the constant name changes are frustrating. I am trying to get the listing to appear for this company A week ago if you typed ‘target hr delivery’ into google the listing would appear at the top right of the SERPS with the small google + listing underneath the serp result but it has since dissappeared.

If you type in ‘target hr delivery nottingham’ it appears as we want it but how can I get it to appear again just by typing the company name in and not nottingham?

As I understand it, these are local results - so they will only be displayed for a local search.

(I could be wrong - I’m also having problems keeping up with all the changes to the system.)

I am in nottingham and if I type in widasearch for instance without the word nottingham their listing comes up so that is what I’m trying to achieve for target hr delivery

Is this any help?

It’s not very specific, but it’s the best I could find.

Well… if the name of the city is being included in the search phrase, it should normally show the local listings. Or at leas that’s how it is for cities in the United States normally.

Good point. Say there are 100 cities in the US with a “Mikes Grill” including the city I live in.

If I search for “Mikes Grill”, which one comes up top in the SERPs?

Not one in a city on the other side of the country, but the one in my city.

Why? Google knows that’s the one I’m most likely looking for.

@lop do you live in Nottingham?

yes I do live in nottingham so I would expect it to come up without having to put the word Nottingham in but it doesn’t

Well their are so many factors which influence the Local listing ranking.


  1. Local Review by the customer
  2. No. of Likes and Dislike
  3. Social Media Presence (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn)

These are main factors which are important for the local listing. If you want to get higher ranking then focus in these activity. Because Google monitors such information and provide you ranking according to your social presence.

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