How to make eCommerce website in core PHP

Hello Friends
I am new on this Forum website.

I have a Question for you please do conversation with me on this topic.
the topic is how to make a eCommerce website in core PHP.

Why don’t you use wordpress + woocommerce and theme for it? Would save you a lot of time coding some really complicated features. If you still insist to code it from scratch, make sure to use some framework like CodeIgniter or CakePHP.

Sir I dont know any thing about Woocommercce.

I know core php only.
can you tell me how to add any product in cart in core php and which element or operater is use to make a cart process.

thank you in advance.

Kewal knojiya

There is nothing core php when it comes to some good cart.
Since they are complex, they use little more than core, like they use MVC in most cases.
Example: opencart, zencart etc.

Sir I think
The contamination in open cart themes is so typical.

so i choice core php for the eCommerce website.

nice to talk you
thank you.

Sir you know how to make a website form online shopping in core php.

Thank you in advance.

kewal Knojiya

Sorry if I’ve misunderstood your question, but you seem to be asking for step-by-step instructions to build an e-commerce site from scratch. It isn’t appropriate in a forum to ask for that kind of assistance.

If you need help in a particular aspect, then please feel free to post a specific question. If your question is PHP-related, then it would be better to post it in the PHP forum. This forum is for the commercial aspects of e-commerce, rather than coding questions.

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Our devs are big fans of FoxyCart
It looks to be as “core” as you want it to be but is also usable with any frameworks(which is the only way I’ve experienced it). I’ve had a conversation with someone on their team about some payment options and I have a very good opinion of them.

*I am not a dev, but work with many merchants on many kinds of carts, install, integrations from the payment side