How to make different tabs in one div using javascript?

I want to make citation generator. But I am a little bit confused so I want help from experts I currently learning about javascript and truly I am not expert in javascript. I see one awesome citation generator and I want to code this type of generator. I am confused in this div. How they are creating all 5 citation tabs in one div?? I want to create one div and give max 25 citation tabs in one place. I don’t want to make different pages.

Hi @leokwall, at a very high level… for what I can see in that site’s code, the HTML consist of a simple HTML list. Then there would probably be some CSS to stack all of the tab content on top of each other and style the tabs. The JavaScript would be taking care of showing the current tab and hiding the rest when you click on a tab.

Sorry I don’t have time for more at the moment but hope that at least clarifies the process and the different bits you need.

Best of luck

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Hi @Andres_Vaquero Thanks for clarifies the process :slight_smile:

Jquery UI does this well if you don’t want to go vanilla javascript.


Hi, @spmspf212 thanks for resource :slight_smile:

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