How to make categories with PHP and SQL?

Hello! I’m doing my project with an e-commerce website.

I got index.php that shows cards with product categories, such as “TVs, Computers, Smarwatches…”

I got products.php that shows product list, so far including all the products that I have in database but I need it to be displaying certain products that belong into the certain category (under certain cards).

In my database I got a column called ‘type’ that holds names of categories certain products belong to, such as “Phones, TVs, Cameras…”.

Now, I need to sort the products into categories - The user is on index.php, clicks on the “TVs” card, gets to products.php?category=TVs and I need only the TVs to be there and same for other categories.

Could anyone please help me with the sorting part?
Thanks a lot everyone!!!

The cards on index.php look like this:

Index.php code:

    > <p>
        $TV = ["id" => "1", "name" => "TVs", "img" => "<img src='img/TV.png'>", "price" => "$1000"];
        $Computer = ["id" => "2", "name" => "Computers", "img" => "<img src='img/computer.png'>", "price" => "$2000"];
        $Laptop = ["id" => "3", "name" => "Laptops", "img" => "<img src='img/laptop.png'>", "price" => "$750"];
        $Camera = ["id" => "4", "name" => "Cameras", "img" => "<img src='img/camera.png'>", "price" => "$500"];
        $Phone = ["id" => "5", "name" => "Phones", "img" => "<img src='img/phone.png'>", "price" => "$400"];
        $Smartwatch = ["id" => "6", "name" => "Smartwatches", "img" => "<img src='img/smartwatch.png'>", "price" => "$300"];

        // echo "<img src='img/computer.jpg'>";

        $catalog = array ($TV, $Computer, $Laptop, $Camera, $Phone, $Smartwatch);

        // print_r($catalog);

            foreach ($catalog as $item) {
                "<div class='all-items'>
                    <div class='catalog-item'>
                        <div class='catalog-img'>
                        ".$item ["img"]."

                        ".$item ["name"]."

                        ".$item ["price"]."

                        <a href='products.php?category=<?= $item["name"]; ?>' class='catalog-more-button'>
                        See more

products.php looks this way for now (the prices are just fictional):

and here products.php code:

> $result = mysqli_query($conn,"SELECT * FROM `product_details` ORDER BY type");
> // $result = mysqli_query($conn,"SELECT * FROM `product_details` WHERE type = 'TVs'");
> while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) {
>         echo "<div class='product_wrapper'>
>                 <form method='post' action=''>
>                     <input type='hidden' name='code' value=".$row['code']." />
>                         <div class='img'><img src='".$row['img']."' /></div>
>                         <div class='name'>".nl2br ($row['name'])."</div>
>                         <div class='price'>"."$".$row['price']."</div>
>                     <button type='submit' class='buy'>Add to basket</button>
>                 </form>
>               </div>";
>         }
> mysqli_close($conn);
> ?>

When I go with $result = mysqli_query($conn,“SELECT * FROM product_details WHERE type = ‘TVs’”); it works but of course shows TVs in each category…

Short answer: If you want product items shown under the category, then they would need to be inside the catalog-item div.

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Why are your categories stored in arrays and not in the database?
In the most simple set up, you would have a products table (which you appear to have) and a categories table too.
If the set up is simple and any product only belongs to one category and the categories have no hierachy, a product entry will simply store the category ID (foreign key).
If you may need to expand to many-to-many product/category set ups, maybe use a prod/cat look-up-table.

Yes, because the TVs category is hard coded into the query. It needs to be a variable taken from $_GET['category']. Though you should not put the variable directly into the query, use a prepared statement.

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Thanks a lot!!!

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