How to make an HTML5 / CSS3, Responsive website IE8 friendly

thanks in advance for any comments and feedback. I have a project that I need to port to IE8. FYI, I am using FontAwesome for icons & Bootstrap as my front-end framework.

I know that that IE8 does not recognize some CSS3 properties as well as HTML5 elements and svg, vector icons. My goal is to create a list of resources so others can benefit.


HTML5 CSS3 Support Guide - 

Feature Detection -

Media Queries -

CSS3 -
CSS3 Pie:

HTML5 Shiv -

SVG ?? - Is there a library out there so I do not have to provide PNG fallbacks for my icon fonts.

Good stuff. We should all start a trend where we redirect to download the latest version of their browser. Is it obnooxious? Yes, but if we all band together then we can make it happen. We live in a world where IE is STILL used 60% in the community… How long does the web developer have to suffer?

For me, the future of browser will be like “remote desktop”. Just a shell to display the screen. The server will determine what browser engine to use. This is the purest form of Cloud computing. There’s already streaming game from Sony and OnLive that updates at 60 fps that requires instantaneous response… If they can do it with gaming, they can do so for browsers. Whenever it happens, there will be tears of joy from web developers.