How to make an embeded movie play in QuickTime instead of the Web browser?

Hello, here is the core HTML code with the object and embed tags.

Using Apple’s documentation and [URL=“”]this guide I was able to make only the “player” or container movie ( open in QT, but not the movie itself.

I’m stuck with the XML list for MovieQTList, I don’t know how it tells to play the right movie and I don’t know how to tell QT to do that (browser already understands it). seems to have been created with LiveStage Pro but it’s an old software and I couldn’t even download it from the site.

You may have a bad .mov file. Find one that you know works and test with that first.

Not clear if you mean for your local machine only or if this is for a future production site. Don’t work with apple, but most file associations, what programs use what file extensions, is set locally by default or by the user. Usually you have no control of this via a web site. You might search on line for your specific case.