How to make a website attractive?

I am preparing designing the English website about flash tools. And i have referred some local websites in China, such as <snip/>, <snip/> and sothink etc. They all have many pictures and banners, but many foreign websites concerning flash tools have few pictures or no banners. I am very confused. Who can give me some tips on whether to add many banners, product packages and other pictures on the website? Thanks a lot.

Yes, it is really a dilemma. No banners, no packages will make a website not that attractive. But, serch engine does not know these pictures.

sorry, search engin:)

Flash isn’t that popular because the search engines don’t really like it, european sites tend to have lots of textual content.


just use banners… attractive ones. do not use much of flash files.

Thanks for the tips of bluedreamer and Slackr. I am a native Chinese, so many times maybe some cultural difference between our views of things, like website design. Our website aims to sell software products to the countries where most people speak English. So, i will refer to some foreign websites to design my website :slight_smile:

Yep I’d agree with bluedreamer, the Chinese based websites are a lot more image and banner heavy than most of the sites I’m used to. I can’t read any other language other than english so it is all dutch to me, so perhaps I notice the images/banners more because I can’t actually read the content. At the end of the day so long as content is king the amount of banners and images is moot. I personally have grown up in the internet age and never read or click on advertisements so websites that scatter their content with too many just make it annoying for me and I go elsewhere.

I think what you are seeing is the way different cultures express themselves.

If you compare web sites from say, Japan, China, India, Europe, USA etc you will see many styles of site, but each region of the world does tend to have it’s own way of doing things. It reflects diversity of the human race and it’s art of expression.