How to make a status post box for uploading image/video

Hello All,

I know how to make a status post box like Facebook for posting simple text. How can i add feature of posting videos and images to it?

Perhaps you should look into how to upload images and videos first, and then see how you can integrate them into a single status box for a better user experience. This image uploader tutorial should be a good way to get you started on this.

Hi, i know hot to upload these, but my problem is how to display these

Are you storing the URI to the image and/or video in your database? If you are (and you should be, otherwise the image/video won’t be attached to anyone), then you should be able to simply grab these URIs for the respective post and output them to the screen in markup.

If you’d like further help with this, then you’ll need to post your database setup and be more specific about what’s not working for you.