How to make a social networking site?

How to make a social networking website?
Please help.
Tell the steps other than domain registration and hosting?

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Well, in order to actually get a working social network, you must first understand the fundamentals of HMTL and CSS. If you don’t even know how to properly implement HTML and CSS, then you can forget the idea of creating a social network. All web pages run on HTML and CSS or a derivative of CSS. If you can’t properly create a div or an image structure, I would say that if you actually are working on a social network using a server side language such as PHP, I don’t think that social network is going anywhere.

Are you familiar with Content Management Systems (CMSs) like WordPress? They can be an efficient start.

Do you know what features of social networking that you want? Is there a specific purpose? Sometimes companies say they want social networking for their company and that is different from social networking in general.

This video may help :

Actually I need an forum where people can discuss things topics and comment .
And there should be registration options for user by email

In that case you will not need to start from scratch. There a a number of forum systems available that may be used, for example this forum is made with Discourse, though there are many more to choose from.
Maybe do a search and read about them to find one that’s right for you.

Adding onto this, Discourse runs on Ruby on Rails. Remember to make sure you are able to use this software. Certain softwares require certain languages to be installed on your hosting account. If you are trying to run this on localhost, you need to do a lot of work just to get Discourse to run. It also is required to know a little bit about computers as well because Discourse can only be installed on Ubuntu right now with a Docker image installed.

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This is exactly the sort of thing you should be considering when choosing a forum platform. Is it a language you are familiar with (willing to learn), will it run on your host/system.
Among other things.

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If the primary requirements are a forum with registration of members then there are so many choices that it is unlikely you will need to write one. Some choices that are less likely are Google Groups and Facebook groups. People used to like Yahoo Groups but they are not so good anymore.

All the popular CMSs have plugins for forums. Most of them probably have multiple choices for plugins.

If you want members to use the forum by email then probably what you want is a mailing list. Yahoo Groups is a fancy way of doing mailing lists. I think that even Google Groups is built upon mailing list technology.

If someone that has been to college and educated in system analysis were to be doing this, they would know not to restrict choices to a specific language or environment unless it is a definite requirement.

If I already had a LAMP host and budget constraints meant I was required to find an app that would run on that host, then my choices would be limited.

But if I found a NET or Ruby (or whatever) app that was a perfect match for what I wanted and I could afford a host for that app, then that would be the wiser choice.

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You also need to be aware of this

  1. Get a Domain Name
  2. Get a Hosting Service
  3. Connect the dots (Modify your DNS entry, Modify your DNS settings at Digital Ocean)

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